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Who Can Quickly and Professionally Help Mitigate Water Damage in My Mount Vernon Home?

10/15/2020 (Permalink)

crew taking bucket from a SERVPRO vehicle On your bucket list, put SERVPRO for water damage cleanup and restoration of your Mount Vernon property

SERVPRO Technicians Are Highly Trusted Professionals Who Provide Timely Water Removal and Restoration for Mount Vernon Homes.

When your Mount Vernon home is unexpectedly invaded by water, it's hard to know who you can trust to respond quickly and professionally. SERVPRO uniformed professionals are highly trusted and extensively trained in water removal, cleanup, and damage mitigation.

How to Help Prevent Costly Water Damage Repairs

Not all water damage repairs in Mount Vernon are caused by unexpected major events like flooding. Harm can be the result of a leaky roof, an old pipe, a broken water heater, or other issues. These problems can require expensive property repairs without appropriate water damage mitigation. These are the signs that you may look out for to protect your home:

  • Moldy or musty smells in your property
  • Dark spots on your ceiling or walls
  • The sound of dripping or running water
  • A sudden increase in your water bills
  • Puddles that return after you have mopped them up
  • Rust on metal surfaces

SERVPRO trained technicians in Mount Vernon have expert water removal training and techniques. Many of our professionals are certified by the IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification.) They utilize advanced water detection, removal, and drying equipment to help mitigate water damage and prevent further costly repairs.

What to Look for in a Water Removal and Damage Mitigation Specialist

How do you know you can trust the water removal company you engage to handle your water damage problems?

  • Water removal and damage mitigation specialists should have extensive training and continuing education.
  • They should understand and use IICRC best practices.
  • Specialists should be available 24 hours for emergency services.
  • Water removal and mitigation professionals must provide timely and effective services.

SERVPRO professionals match all of these qualifications. If you find water damage in your home, act before it becomes an expensive repair. Call SERVPRO of Skagit County at (360) 873-8744.

Where Can Homeowners Go to Restore Their Fire-Damaged Residences?

9/23/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO technician consulting with customer The situation can feel overwhelming when your home is affected by fire damage. Call SERVPRO for effective remediation services.

SERVPRO Technicians Can Return Mount Vernon Residences to a Clean, Safe Condition Ready for Occupation Again.

Where Do Technicians Begin?

SERVPRO technicians start in Mount Vernon homes with a checklist to ensure thorough restoration, no matter the disaster. It allows our teams to carefully clean the home, remove debris, and perform other tasks as rapidly as possible. 

What Are the First Actions Technicians Take?

Fire damage restoration in Mount Vernon begins with three preparation actions:

Initial Contact – A homeowner’s call starts it all. Our operator has a set of questions that tells technicians what equipment and other resources to bring, such as generators, foggers, and cleaners. 

Inspection and Damage Assessment – The team leader inspects the home to ascertain the scope of damage from the fire and how to restore the home. 

Securing the Home – Fire can damage doors, roofs, walls, and windows. Securing the home with plywood and tarps can prevent further damage from trespassing, animal intrusions, and the weather. 

What Comes Next to Restore an Area Home?

Water Removal – Homeowners are surprised to discover that the water to put out the fire can also cause damage. Quickly removing it with pumps and extractors can reduce further damage to walls, flooring, and structural framework that the fire did not touch. 

Smoke and Soot Removal – Technicians use sponges, cloths, water, and cleaners to remove smoke and soot residues from the floors to the ceilings, and most personal property surfaces. 

Clean and Disinfect – Technicians clean and disinfect all restorable personal and structural items affected by the fire. Technicians use cleaning agents not available to the general public with industrial-grade equipment to restore the property to its pre-fire condition.

Physical Restoration – This final step is where technicians make each home look like it did before the fire. Actions include replacing carpets, hanging new wall panels, painting, and installing new plumbing. 

Call SERVPRO of Skagit County at (360) 873-8744 today to schedule a service call for your home. We are here to return your residence to its pre-fire condition as quickly as possible. 

What are the Three Primary Phases of Water Mitigation in Mount Vernon?

9/20/2020 (Permalink)

flood in a house with furniture floating Water removal is essential to mitigating the situation after a flood. Contact TEAM SERVPRO immediately. We are available 24/7.

Preparing your Mount Vernon property for restoration and recovery after a disaster requires several initial steps.

After a water disaster of any kind, your Mount Vernon home can begin to absorb moisture and adversely react to these changing conditions. Even with a prompt reaction to the situation, the recovery of these events often demands the knowledge and experience of professional restoration technicians like our SERVPRO team. Because we stay prepared for these situations at all times, we can mobilize quickly even when emergencies occur after traditional operating hours. The initial actions taken to protect your property set the tone for the entire restoration process.

Water mitigation in Mount Vernon properties is a critical element to all restoration projects. These preliminary actions reduce the potential for the situation to get out of control and prevent more materials and areas of the house from becoming impacted by unexpected emergencies like pipe bursts, appliance failures, and leaking fixtures. Mitigation involves several individual actions working as part of a whole to protect the damaged property from further irreparable harm. Stages involved in these processes include:

  • Job Scoping 
  • Water Removal 
  • Repairs/Controlled Demolition 

Is Job Scoping Necessary?

A pre-restoration evaluation of the property ensures that the right measures protect and restore an impacted home. Often this assessment occurs before physical mitigation begins, as this inspection catalogs several aspects of the work area. By determining specific data points and tracking the damage's progress, our SERVPRO professionals can better understand what must get done. There are several tools used and evaluated aspects of a water-damaged property, including:

  • Moisture Detection Tools – Determining the severity of the moisture and dampness damages to exposed surfaces, contents, and the open environment is critical. While extraction might have to happen first, evaluations with detection devices show pockets of moisture that must get addressed before microbial growth results.
  • Structural Integrity – Severe water damages can often quickly compromise structural elements throughout the residence. This can be evident when materials begin to sag or collapse entirely.
  • Pre-Existing Conditions – Not every concern we find during our inspection resulted from the water disaster, which can be vital in finding the most efficient approach for reaching preloss conditions.
  • Content Damage – Your personal belongings can often hold as much importance as the entire structure, meaning that we carefully inspect and evaluate these items' conditions for restorative actions that might be necessary. 

Are Different Machines Necessary for Water Removal?

Extraction is one of the foundations of efficient water restoration for your Mount Vernon home, meaning that the most suitable machines must get selected based on the current conditions. While electric submersible pumps often play the most significant role with standing water without the threat of debris and solids, extenuating circumstances could make other extractors in our inventory more suitable options instead. The position of the damaged areas, the accessibility of the work zone, the amount of standing water, and several other factors play a role in choosing the best extraction device. Some options include:

  • High-Pressure Pumps – When you consider the likelihood of water to migrate and collect in your home's basement, or when pipes burst on the second floor of the house, long-range pumps offer a greater lift. These units efficiently remove clean water from damaged areas without losing power.
  • Self-Priming Trash Pumps – Power is not always readily available after water disasters, making the management of this resource critical for our SERVPRO team responding to the situation. Self-priming trash pumps run on gas, meaning that more outlets and available electricity from portable generators are available for other tools.
  • Truck-Mount Extractors – These are the most powerful tools in our arsenal for removing water, and we can use these machines to extract at 300 psi. Thousands of gallons of water can get moved quickly, making these options ideal for widespread and severe loss incidents. 

Why Do Repairs Happen Before Other Restoration Tasks?

Repairs must often occur before almost any other restorative actions occur because vulnerabilities continue to threaten the property otherwise. Breaches in the plumbing can continue to feed water to the damaged areas, and repairs also allow for the re-pressurization and restoration of the water service to the house.

While multiple actions describe water mitigation, this entire phase and stage of the restoration process is critical to saving customers time and money. No matter how severe damage might be in your home, you can count on the fast and experienced response of our SERVPRO of Skagit County team. Give us a call anytime that you need us at (360) 873-8744.

What Can I Do When a Storm Causes Flood Damage?

9/1/2020 (Permalink)

photo of tablet and mobile phone with the ERP app The SERVPRO mobile app--ERP--Emergency READY Profile Plan--can help Sedro Woolley Homeowners Prepare for Flooding and its Detrimental Effects

SERVPRO Can Remediate the Flood Damage in Your Sedro Woolley Home!

Living in Washington State by Sedro Woolley can open your home to many heavy rainstorms. Unfortunately, if you live in an older building, this can cause some issues. Visualize an older roof, finally giving way under the weight of pooling water, and allowing it to leak into your home. You notice water begins to drip down into your bedroom from the ceiling.

Our flood damage remediation services for Sedro Wooley are expert-tier. SERVPRO technicians are well trained, and we use advanced technology to ensure the best service possible. If you need flood damage remediation, get in touch with us.

What Could I Do to Be More Prepared For a Flood?

If you know a severe rainstorm is on the way, you can do a few things to be prepared for the damage your home could face.

  • Keep a list of emergency numbers
  • Consider having spare water and food, in case of an extended power outage
  • Consider calling for assistance, anticipate flooding risks

While not all rainstorms are severe or lead to electrical utility loss, it is always good to be prepared. Having bottled water and nonperishables handy can ensure you don’t need to rush to a grocery store when everyone else is. SERVPRO suggests contacting our office to set up a scheduled appointment for demonstrating our ERP Plan. The Emergency READY Profile Plan can help prevent, or at least mitigate, damages caused by intruding water, fires, or even mold.

What Can SERVPRO Techs Do Once They're Here?

Once our highly trained technicians get to your home, they can get to work right away. We can start by:

  • Covering the hole on your roof with tarps, to try and stop water from getting inside
  • Employ wet/dry vacuums to remove water from between your walls, your ceiling, and your bedroom floor
  • Use air blasting tubes to get dry air into hard to reach places (injecti-dry advanced devices)

Here at SERVPRO, we are dedicated to helping you reduce excess moisture in your home and prevent mold damage. If you go through an unfortunate flood loss event, get the help your home deserves!

Get in touch with SERVPRO of Skagit County by calling (360) 873-8744. We're here for you!

I Just Discovered Water Damage in My Burlington Property. Which Water Restoration Company Can Help?

8/25/2020 (Permalink)

Close-up Of Flooded Floor In The Living Room From Water Leak After a water loss, call SERVPRO of Skagit County at (360) 873-8744 to restore your property to its preloss state.

Contact SERVPRO Restorers in Burlington to Handle the Water Damage in Your Residence

When you notice a broken pipe in the kitchen, it can be tempting to fix it yourself or ignore it. However, the water can slowly sip into various surfaces causing mold growth and severe damage to the structure. Therefore, it is essential to act fast by engaging with certified restoration experts in Burlington, like SERVPRO technicians, to save your property.

Are you experienced in water damage repair?

Our team can use approved and the most advanced equipment to handle the water damage in your Burlington residence. We are among the water restoration companies that have been in business for decades. During this period, we have seen and fixed every kind of water damage imaginable. The common causes of water damage we come across in homes include:

•    Faulty water heaters

•    Sump pump failure

•    Leaking appliances

•    Plumbing problems

What does your water damage restoration process involve?

Our team can take several steps to restore your home, depending on the severity of the water damage. Some of the things we do when restoring homes include:

Mold cleanup and prevention
We begin the mold cleanup procedure by locating any leaking pipes, which could encourage more mold growth. Our technicians also check areas with poor ventilation to avoid condensation, which can lead to mold growth. We can examine the areas close to your windows and doors to ensure efficient ventilation.

This is where we dry mold-causing moisture in the affected property. Our technicians can identify the source of water damage by using sophisticated equipment. For instance, we can use a thermal imagining camera to come up with a moisture map. This can help us to determine the best tailor-made drying strategy to ensure efficiency. We can use conventional refrigerants alongside fans to increase the airflow in the affected property. The equipment increases the rate of evaporation in the affected items and the structure, enhancing the drying process.

Odors can persist even after cleaning and drying your property effectively. However, we can use odor removal products to combat the odors and get fresh air into your property. Our SERVPRO technicians can use a photocatalytic oxidizer to do away with the smells. The equipment shines ultraviolet rays on surfaces and produces hydroxyl radicals. It oxidizes and breaks down odors into carbon dioxide, leaving your property with fresh air.

After a water loss, call SERVPRO of Skagit County at (360) 873-8744 to restore your property to its preloss state. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

My Store Has Flooded, What Should I Do?

8/15/2020 (Permalink)

image of tablet with the ERP app Are You Prepared for Flooding with Your Handy ERP-SERVPRO'S Emergency READY Profile Plan? If not, in Mount Vernon, Call Us for a Free Consultation.

Your First Move Should Be To Contact a Reputable Mount Vernon Commercial Floodwater Removal Service.

Periodic flooding is just a fact of life in this part of the Pacific Northwest, and Mount Vernon, prone to the same excessive yearly rainfalls as the rest of the region, is no exception to this.  In the spring, flood risks are especially significant as mountain snows melt and flow down into the Skagit River.  However, the risk of flooding is always relatively high because of the area’s heavy rainfall throughout the year.  Considering all this, it behooves local business owners to adequately anticipate and prepare for flooding, well before it happens.  These measures help them avoid flood damage altogether or substantially mitigate it.  With that said, if your business is ever impacted by floodwaters, contact a proven removal service for help.  

What Makes SERVPRO Better Than Other Local Floodwater Removal Services?

Your neighborhood SERVPRO has built a strong reputation as one of the best Mount Vernon floodwater removal services.  Time and again, we have proven both our dedication to pursuing excellence and to our customers’ satisfaction.  Some of the many positive characteristics of SERVPRO are:

  • We are a local company, comprised entirely of caring experts who live near your business, so our technicians are faster to your location than most other services
  • Our experts are known for their skill in removing floodwaters, effectively dealing with biohazards, and remediating flood damage
  • Company workers are equipped with specialized commercial-grade remediation equipment like massive truck-mounted extractors that can rapidly remove large amounts of standing water from large commercial structures; and powerful low-grain refrigerant (LGR) dehumidifiers that can quickly condense moisture out of the air to levels below forty grains/pound
  • We offer 24-hour emergency service

These attributes have made us highly successful in handling flooding events at commercial sites.  As a result, we have been able to save and effectively restore a wide range of businesses, including small retail shops, big box stores, office buildings of all sizes, and hotels.

What Specific Training and Industry Knowledge Do SERVPRO Technicians Have?

Company professionals receive both extensive in-house company training and take certification courses provided by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC).  Our company trains them in such things as water restoration, mold mitigation, and carpet & upholstery cleaning.  We also offer our employees continuing education in these subjects.  Some of the various IICRC certifications they study to receive are:

  • Water damage restoration
  • Applied structural drying
  • Applied microbial remediation
  • Odor control

These highly-valued industry certifications are indicative of our technicians’ wide-ranging floodwater damage remediation knowledge.

Looking Ahead, How Can I Prepare My Business for Potential Flooding?

According to SERVPRO, there are several ways to protect your commercial site from potential flooding and mitigate damages.  These preventative methods range from the innovative to the conventional and include:

  • Creating a SERVPRO Emergency READY Profile Plan (ERP) for your business, which concisely lists all contact information and critical details about your property, before disaster strikes, so that a plan of action can quickly be implemented when a flooding event occurs
  • Inspecting and making sure your drainage systems are in good working order to reduce the speed at which your business becomes inundated with water
  • Repairing any damage to your structure's foundation to reduce the chance of floodwaters seeping into your lower floors
  • Protecting the perimeter of your property with sandbags to divert floodwaters away from your business structures
  • Covering all windows, doors, and service entrances with plywood in order to prevent as much stormwater from entering your buildings as possible

Although nothing safeguards your property completely from a flood, these measures should substantially reduce your chances of suffering a flood’s maximum effects.

How Can the SERVPRO Emergency READY Profile App Help Me Limit My Losses in a Flood?

The Emergency READY Profile App is one of the newest tools in our arsenal.  It establishes your neighborhood SERVPRO as your remediator, sets up a plan of action before disasters strike, and helps speed up response times whenever problems do occur.  On the app, you can create and store crucial information like key contacts, property floorplans, utility shutoff sites, local weather, damage photos, and other things of importance.  In the end, this all enables our experts to respond to and resolve your flood issues as soon as possible, thereby saving you money in the long run.

No one likes to think about their business flooding, but it pays to do so and plan ahead.  With anticipation, you can often save your commercial enterprise and limit flood-related expenses at the same time.  Remember, if a storm ever inundates your business, your friends at SERVPRO of Skagit County are here to help.  Call us at (360) 873-8744 for assistance.

Why Do I Need Water Damage Services After A Fire In Anacortes?

8/10/2020 (Permalink)

Living Room On Fire Contact SERVPRO of Skagit County at (360) 873-8744 for expert fire damage service.

Anacortes Homes That Experience a Fire Almost Always Need Water Damage Help – SERVPRO Can Help

Anacortes was founded in 1879 by a railroad surveyor and is part of the beautiful Puget Sound. Located on the north shore of Fidalgo Island, it has a stunning view of the Salish Sea. But being surrounded by water doesn’t mean fires do not happen. They do, and they can be deadly.

Shouldn’t I be Worried About Fire Damage?

Most people do not think about dealing with water damage when a fire rages through their home. But firefighters use gallons of waters and chemical agents to put out the flames. Yes, you are left behind with intense fire damage in Anacortes, but there is also water intrusion to worry about.

Which Do You Deal with First?

Fire damage recovery is hard enough to deal with; water incursion makes the situation even worse. Before our crews can clean up fire residue, they need to deal with water problems first. Water used by firefighters can cause:

    •    Water collecting in wall and ceiling cavities cause structural weakness.
    •    Electrical risks.
    •    Increased risk of falls, slips, and tripping.
    •    Mold and mildew if the water sits for any length of time.
    •    Contamination from biohazards, chemicals, and toxic substances such as lead and asbestos.

SERVPRO Can Handle Both Fire and Water Damage

While removing the excess water takes precedence many times, several crews can work in different areas. It is often possible to start working on things like charred remains removal while dealing with water. You can rest assured our professional team has a plan to take care of clean up, repair, and restoration.

A fire disrupts every aspect of your life and leaves you devastated. We understand that and are here to help. We strive for minimal disruption and to provide support by dealing with your insurance directly. We do nothing without your approval.

Contact SERVPRO of Skagit County at (360) 873-8744 for expert fire damage service.

Why Do Businesses Need Fire Cleanup in Vernon?

7/25/2020 (Permalink)

House Fire In the case of fire, time is of the essence.

Fire Cleanup Helps Mount Vernon Businesses Get Back In The Game

No Mount Vernon business owner wants to face the after-effects of smoke damage to their property. Unfortunately, even if businesses take steps to prevent and remove fire hazards, there is always the risk of a blaze. Thankfully, SERVPRO of Skagit County is on hand to help with remediation.

Business owners in Mount Vernon sometimes ask if professional fire cleanup is essential, especially if it was small and easily contained. SERVPRO’s answer to that question is a resounding yes. An expert cleanup crew has access to the best equipment and cleaning materials for the job, which means a better outcome for your business.

Why Is A Professional Cleanup Service Best?

Professional cleanup is the best option after an incident because a trained cleanup crew has extensive knowledge of the task at hand. Unless you have trained to be a fire remediation professional, you cannot know all of the things you need to look for.

Here are some reasons to choose the professional option every time:

    •    Professional crews have access to a range of equipment for scrubbing, deep-cleaning, and thoroughly deodorizing premises after a fire
    •    Trained teams are equipped with all the necessary breathing apparatus and personal protective equipment to clean up safely
    •    Professionals know about the hidden effects of fire damage and can check for such effects
    •    Experienced technicians are better judges of which items can be saved and restored which means you do not have to spend as much money on replacements

What Are Some Hidden Effects Of Fire Damage?

Soot damage is easy to see as it leaves behind a dark residue. However, there are some other effects of a fire that are not immediately visible:

    •    Microscopic soot particles – not all soot damage is visible, and smoke has a way of getting into materials
    •    Strong odors – smoke leaves behind a distinctive smell which can be hard to get rid of
    •    Corrosion – smoke, and soot, can destroy materials and cause long-term damage
    •    Sticky residue – smoke residue can be tenacious and hard to get rid of

SERVPRO’s trained fire cleanup crews are aware of all the possible dangers and fully trained in the safest cleaning methods.

How Does SERVPRO Clean Fire Damage?

Our fire cleanup teams have a wide range of cleaning options at our disposal.

The first step in cleaning is to assess the situation and draw up an individual plan for your business. We will make your building safer if needed by boarding up windows or placing a tarp on the roof. We will also set up a staging area to use as a base for our operations and keep the rest of your premises protected.

We use vacuuming to capture loose soot particles and remove them from surfaces. Some residues are bonded too deeply to the surface, however, and vacuuming is not adequate. In such cases, we use wet cleaning to dissolve and loosen dirt, and then we rinse and dry the surface.

Our teams have a range of solvents and lubricants available to help dislodge stubborn smoke residue and leave surfaces clean. We train our technicians to assess residues and work out the more appropriate cleaning solution, strength, and application length.

Working with trained professionals, dramatically reduces the risk of corrosive damage from cleaning products, which is a genuine risk if you try and clean up the soot residue yourself.

How Can You Be Better Prepared For Fire Cleanup?

Of course, you hope you will not be in a position to need fire cleanup services. However, it's always better to be prepared for a disaster than to find yourself caught short.

One way to help your business prepare for fire cleanup is to make use of the SERVPRO Emergency Ready Plan (ERP).

To take part in the ERP program, simply set aside time to walk through your facility and fill out all the information we ask. You can sign up for a free account and download the ERP app to make this process easy. Once you have your profile set up, follow the on-screen prompts to capture and fill out the information about your business premises.

You can use this information to build a comprehensive file that contains all the information your staff will need in the event of a fire. Your profile includes everything you need to take fast action if there is an incident, including where to find shut-off valves and exit points, how to navigate the chain of command, and who to contact. Your ERP also establishes us as your go-to fire restoration experts so you can get the help you need quickly.

In the case of fire, time is of the essence. If you need a fire cleanup, do not wait. Call SERVPRO of Skagit County at (360) 873-8744 today.

Who Do I Call for Late-Night Water Damage Mitigation?

7/17/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO worker carrying equipment by vehicle Commercial Businesses Rely on SERVPRO's We Faster To Any Size Disaster culture to keep their doors open for business in Mount Vernon

Restoration Techs Provide Mount Vernon Businesses with Water Damage Repair

Restaurants are among the Mount Vernon businesses most commonly-affected by water damage. Whether the cause is a burst pipe in a restroom or a sink overflow in the kitchen, fast cleanup that is performed to code is a must for keeping employees and customers safe.

SERVPRO provides comprehensive commercial water damage repair services for Mount Vernon services that cover everything from water extraction to structural and contents drying.

What Should I Avoid Doing During a Toilet or Sink Overflow?

  • If the toilet is the culprit, do not flush. A toilet overflow can indicate a plumbing issue that may be easily fixed by flushing. It is possible that flushing can worsen the problem.
  • Do not handle unclean water on your own. Even seemingly clean toilet water can hide microbes that may not be safe to handle without proper personal protection equipment.
  • Do not attempt plumbing repairs. While clogged pipes are a common cause for concern in fixture overflows, this may not always be the issue. Have a certified professional service your plumbing to determine the cause.

How Can SERVPRO Dry My Business?

SERVPRO utilizes two types of equipment together for structural and contents drying: air movers and dehumidifiers.

Air movers encourage the evaporation of water into the air by pushing it off of surfaces with a powerful fan. This process then allows dehumidifiers to isolate the moisture from the air for removal and replaces it with warm, dry air. This process is accelerated even more with moisture extraction tools.

Technicians use precise calculations to determine both the placement and proportion of air movers and dehumidifiers. The variables involved can vary depending on the extent of the water damage as well as the type of dehumidifier used. Some dehumidification units use refrigerant coils, while others may use desiccant materials like silica gel.

SERVPRO of Skagit County is proud to bring business owners service that is Faster to Any Size Disaster when they call (360) 873-8744.

How Can I Clean My Soot Covered Hardwood Furniture After Fire Damaged My House?

7/6/2020 (Permalink)

fire on hardwood floor Hardwood flooring and furniture can be restored after a fire. SERVPRO has the know-how to clean your belongings.

For Fire Damage Restoration of Affected Furniture Inside Your Mount Vernon Home Call SERVPRO 

Some of the most severe problems that can occur inside your Mount Vernon house after items burn are smoke-related issues. Smoke consists of partially combusted particles that can leave behind unpleasant aromas, soils, and soot residues. 

How can you tell if my hardwood furniture can be cleaned and saved? 

During fire damage restoration efforts in Mount Vernon, contents like your wooden furniture items can often be refinished and cleaned. The type of finish significantly affects the cleanability of an item and which methods we use. For example, unfinished wood can be porous, so it is not wise to clean it with water-based detergents. The extent of the damage can also be a factor affecting whether an item needs replacing or not. If your furniture was close to the heat source, the surface could have blistered. The exterior also could have been scorched or permanently stained by the smoke. 

If my furniture is salvageable, how do you clean off the soot residues? 

  • Dry Cleaning- When dealing with unfinished or unsealed wood surfaces, our SERVPRO technicians can clean your hardwood furniture with a feather duster, cloth, a cleaning sponge, or by vacuuming with a dusting tool.
  • Wet Cleaning- For finished surfaces with moderate soiling, we can use a wall and all surface cleaner or a concentrated wood oil soap.
  • Semi-Refinishing- Heavy smoke residues may require semi-refinishing of the surfaces of your hardwood furniture items. This method includes using a wood creme paste that is a solvent-based product. The cleaner can remove an ultra-thin top layer of the surface's finish.
  • Polishing- Some surfaces may require polishing to remove staining and soots that adhere well to the surface. Before applying a furniture polish or lemon oil polish, we clean all the soot off the item that we can. 

If your furniture got coated in soot residues or burnt debris, call SERVPRO of Skagit County at (360) 873-8744 24/7. 

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